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The most powerful mold prevention treatment available, Superstratum eliminates the need for constant cleaning and maintenance against microbes.

Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating is a commercial-grade solution for home owners, builders, contractors, and facility managers of all building types.

It can be used anywhere mold and mildew appear including indoor, outdoor, and even high-traffic and weather-exposed areas. Superstratum uses cutting-edge smart polymer technology to prevent and eliminate mold and mildew. The non-toxic water-resistant coating is activated by moisture to create an invisible high-performance protective coating that lasts long term.

Superstratum From: $68.00

Keeps working when the competition fails.

Other protectants stop working in as little as 10% humidity. The problem with that is the EPA recommends keeping indoor humidity between 30% and 50% rendering other mold protectants useless. Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating is activated by humidity eliminating mold and mildew long after the other protectants fail.

Superstratum also does not wash away in water like other protectants providing years of guaranteed protection.

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Weight 8.86 lbs
Dimensions 5.9 × 5.9 × 11.75 in

1 Gallon, 1 Case (4 Gallons), 1 Pallet (48 Cases / 192 Gallons)