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PX200 Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer


Protexus electrostatic spraying technology brings new, 360-degree, touchless disinfection and sanitizing capabilities to infection control experts, and EVS and cleaning teams across all industries. Our sprayers reach up to 3x more surfaces in 80% less time than traditional cleaning and disinfection methods.

What’s included:

(1) PX200 Professional Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer
(1) PX20 Professional 16.8V 3350 mAh Lithium Battery
(1) PX10 Professional 16.8V Battery Charger
(1) PX49 Nozzle Wrench
(1) PX55 60-Micron Nozzle
(1) Soft-Sided Carrying Case
(1) PX30 Handheld 33.8oz / 1L Tank with Cap
(1) Tank Hose and Gasket Kit


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EarthSafe | XScale

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A safer solution that works up to 90% faster than mechanical methods. XScale makes cleaning equipment faster, easier and much more cost-effective. Designed for industrial machinery cleaning, XScale’s products remove scaling and particulate buildup fast, safely and easily, without jeopardizing your equipment. We have products specific for concrete, heavy industry, soft metals, and marine machinery.

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All of our products are driven by extensive research into real-world needs. Each of our chemical alternatives has been made possible by cutting-edge science and technology. Each is designed to be environmentally friendly without reducing performance. All represent the new benchmark in solving industries’ dirtiest, most challenging problems.

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