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PurTabs Sanitizing & Disinfection Tablets

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EvaClean’s compact, concentrated PurTabs NaDCC tablets dissolve quickly in ordinary tap water to produce a disinfection and sanitizing solution that delivers accurate strength every time. Available in 3 sizes:

PurTabs 334mg Food Contact Sanitizing Tablets create a solution that is NSF D2 certified safe for food contact surfaces with no rinsing required.

PurTabs 3.3g Multipurpose Disinfecting Tablets can be used to create a hospital-grade disinfection solution with a single tablet, or dilute four tablets for a sporicidal-grade disinfectant effective against C. diff spores and C. auris.

PurTabs 13.1g Multipurpose Disinfecting Tablets offer the same performance as our 3.3g tablets, and allow you to mix large batches of solution at any cost comparable to that of even commodity bleach. Ideal for dilution into one- or two-gallon containers.

3 Available Sizes

PurTabs 334mg Food-Surface Safe Sanitizing & Emergency Drinking Water Disinfection tablets

100 ct./box ~ 12 boxes/case

PurTabs 3.3g Multipurpose Disinfecting Tablets
200 ct./tub ~ 6 tubs/case

PurTabs 13.1g Multipurpose Disinfecting Tablets
256 ct/tub ~ 2 tubs/case

PurTabs 334mg Food Contact Sanitizing Tablets
100 ct. strip pack tablets per box / 12 boxes per case

PurTabs 3.3g Multipurpose Sanitizing & Disinfection Tablets
200 ct. tub / 6 tubs per case

PurTabs 13.1g Multipurpose Sanitizing & Disinfection Tablets
256 ct. tub per box / 2 tubs per case

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