Perfect Angle Grout Scrubbing Brush From EvaClean – 2 Pk

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Strong, durable, stiff bristles for cleaning grout, surfaces, hard to reach areas and ideal width for grout joints. 10.5″ long, 3.3″ wide with a comfortable 5″ long handle.

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EXTRA CLEANING POWER: Molded with extra-sturdy bristles for increased scrubbing power and is the perfect width for grout lines of all types! Easily removes stains and dirt from tile grout faster! When done, the 5½-inch plastic handle conveniently hangs on any cleaning cart or hook. REACHES NARROW GROUT LINES AND TOUGH SPOTS: Uniquely designed to reach into narrow spots like shower tracks, grout lines, and hard-to-reach corners in bathrooms or kitchens or garages. This grout brush tackles what other brushes and sponges can’t reach! HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The Stiff, nylon bristles are wrapped around a wire that is locked into the steel channel, ensuring that the bristles don’t shed! These bristles are tough enough to clean the grimest of grout but gentle enough to keep your surfaces scratch-free. SIMPLIFY SCRUBBING: Stop using sponges, toothbrushes or small tools that don't reach or scrub out the dirt. Let this steel powered grout brush do the hard work for you. Removes mildew, mold, grim, soap scum, grease. COMFORT, REACH AND COMPACT: 10.5" long, 3.3" wide with a comfortable 5" long handle. Features a non slip handle with a perfect-angle ergnomic shape and narrow bristles for deep grout line cleaning. Scrubbing just got a whole lot easier. EvaClean's Cleaning Essentials angle-perfect Grout and Utility Brush makes scrubbing fast and easy. It features a soft grip handle design for comfort and control and high quality steel-anchored premium stiffle bristles perfect for grout lines & hard to reach spots. Strong and durable, it's prefect for cleaning narrow tile grout lines, hard to reach areas around sinks, bathrooms, kitchens, households, cleaning auto or steel parts, gaskets, unfinished metal parts, paint stains, special corrosion and more. Our brush has you covered! The unique angle makes it easy to lean-in, let the brush apply the elbow-grease for you and get precise. No more scrapping your knuckles and banging fingers when trying to remove dirt, stains, paint or muck. The high quality construction is built for everyday tough cleaning jobs around your facility, house, garage or outdoors. The premium stiff bristles scrub without damaging surfaces or fine features. When the job is done, the 5½-inch plastic handle conveniently hangs on any hook.
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