FlashDry Spill Absorbent Pads


Versatile, universal, dimpled absorbent pads designed to stop, trap, and quickly absorb a wide range of industrial liquids.

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FlashDry Universal Spill Absorbent 15” x 7” Pads contain 100 Pads per box
  • All-purpose oil pads swiftly absorb a variety of industrial liquids including oil, grease, gas and paint
  • Ideal for industrial workers, facility managers, warehouses, factories, facilities, airports, and schools.
  • Sturdy and Tear-Resistant: Premium 15" x 7" pads are thick, sturdy and built to soak up messy liquids without tearing.
  • Each container comes with 100 pads, conveniently housed in a dispenser box for easy transportation and accessibility

Safety is always first.

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Safer for your employees

FlashDry helps create a safer working environment for your team so they can quickly get back to work after a spill.

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Safer to use around food

FlashDry coir absorbent is an organic all natural product and certified food safe with the NSF Nonfood Compounds Program listing (J1) #152371.

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Safer for the environment

FlashDry coir absorbent can be discarded in any landfill and complies with the US EPA Leachate standards making disposal safer and easier.

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Connect with us.

All of our products are driven by extensive research into real-world needs. Each of our chemical alternatives has been made possible by cutting-edge science and technology. Each is designed to be environmentally friendly without reducing performance. All represent the new benchmark in solving industries’ dirtiest, most challenging problems.

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