EvaClean Large 110 Wipes Starter Kit


The EvaClean Wipes Starter Kit is your go-to solution for hassle-free surface cleaning and disinfection. EvaClean wipes combined with our powerful PurOne Cleaning & Disinfection tablets, effectively eliminate a range of pathogens, including biofilm bacteria, COVID-19, and even C. diff spores.

EvaClean Large 110 Wipes Starter Kit $97.00

EvaClean Large Bucket Wipes Starter Kit – Includes large bucket, large bucket lid with center pull dispenser, PurOne chemistry and wipes fitted for the large bucket.

Sometimes, you just need an easy way to wipe down contaminated surfaces. When combined with our PurOne cleaner tablets, EvaClean Environmental Surface wipes kill everything from biofilm bacteria and COVID-19 to C. diff spores. Its effective formula is safer for workers and can be used to replace multiple chemicals found in today’s supply closet. And with a neutral pH, it works on high-touch surfaces without dulling or damaging finishes.

ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Our wipes are designed for use with our PurOne cleaner and disinfectant. Simply dilute the necessary number of cleaning tablets in water, pour over the dry wipes in the bucket, and wait 5 minutes for the solution to saturate the wipes.

EPA-REGISTERED KILL CLAIM AGAINST BIOFILM BACTERIA: Biofilm is defined as a community of micro-organisms irreversibly attached to a surface, with increased resistance to host cellular and chemical responses. Many laboratory studies have shown that bacteria in biofilm are 10 to 100 folds more resistant to disinfectants than the bacteria of the same strain in suspension. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that over 65% of nosocomial (healthcare-acquired) infections are caused by biofilm. Kills C. diff and COVID-19 in 4 minutes* Kills bacteria in biofilm * C. diff 4-minute kill claim: 4306 ppm concentration. COVID-19 4-minute kill claim: 1076 ppm concentration.

NEXT GENERATION INFECTION PREVENTION SOLUTIONS: Sanitizing and disinfecting your facility shouldn’t come at a high price tag — or with health risks of its own. We’re committed to combining sustainable chemicals and advanced technology to protect your facility and your people from dangerous pathogens. See what EvaClean can do for you!

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 11 in


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