EvaClean Fine Mist 2-Pack Sprayer (16oz/500ml)


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EvaClean Fine Mist 2-Pack Continuous Sprayer (16oz/500ml), Used for a Various Purposes Including Cleaning, Gardening, Hair Styling, Hobbies | Features Ultra Fine Mist, Leak Proof, Lightweight, Durable. EvaClean Continuous Ultra-Fine Mist 2-Pack Sprayers are easy and comfortable to use, are reusable and deliver a consistent vapor ever time. Traditional trigger bottle are messy, over-saturate and aren't accurate. Our aerosol-free Sprayers make it easy for you to apply the liquid of your choice. Customize the duration of mist delivered with easy, effortless multiple pulls of the trigger. And finding the right angle is no problem. The trigger, pump and bottle design traps the air so you can deliver the amount of mist you need on exactly the right spot. Perfect for cleaning, hair care, pet care, plant care, hobbies, air freshers, misting essential oils, pest control and much more.
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