PurOne EveryDay 3.3g Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Tablets

From: $29.99

One Product, Multiple Uses.

PurOne is bleach-free and can replace up to ten different chemistries. It can be paired with microfiber cloths, string mops, EvaClean’s Environmental Surface Wipes, and more! Its effective formula is safer for workers and can be used to replace multiple chemicals found in today’s supply closet. And with a neutral pH, it works on high-touch surfaces without dulling or damaging finishes.

Hospital grade disinfectant solution that effectively cleans, disinfects, and kills bacteria, pathogens and biofilm in just 4 minutes as well as C. auris in 2 minutes.

  • PurOne 3.3g Cleaning & Disinfection Tablets; 50 ct Tub
  • PurOne 3.3g Cleaning & Disinfection Tablets; 50 ct Tub – 4 Pack
  • PurOne 3.3g Cleaning & Disinfection Tablets; 50 ct Tub – 1 Case (48 Tubs)
PurOne 50 ct mini tub
PurOne EveryDay 3.3g Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Tablets From: $29.99

Small tablet, big cleaning power.

Discover the power of PurOne, the ultimate bleach-free solution for safer, more effective cleaning. With hospital-grade cleaning and disinfecting power, PurOne is now available in a convenient 50 ct mini tub, making it accessible to homeowners, small businesses and more.

Cleans & Disinfects

Hospital-grade efficacy
you can rely on.

High Performance

Sporicidal, kills cold & flu, even biofilm bacteria


PurOne has 4x the killing power of bleach

Accurate Dilution

Pre-measured tablets for exact dilution

Sustainable Bleach Alternative

With PurOne Everyday’s bleach-free, neutral pH formula, you can replace up to 10 harsh chemicals without compromising on effectiveness. Perfect for homes with kids and pets.

Versatile Use

PurOne EveryDay effortlessly cleans kitchen sinks, refrigerators, and toilet bowls. Effectively tackle grout stains, soap scum, and bathtub rings in showers. Ideal for sanitizing bed linens, whitening laundry, and ensuring sparkling clean windows and floors without dulling finishes.

Home & Garden Hero

Perfect for cleaning patios, decks, and BBQ grills, as well as home siding, walkways, and driveways. Effectively refresh pools, spas, and hot tubs, and disinfect toys, playground equipment, and pet areas, including kennels and litter boxes, all without harming surfaces.

Hospital-grade Disinfection

Trusted in healthcare, this powerful disinfectant solution eradicates bacteria, pathogens, and biofilm in 4 minutes, including C. auris in 2. Ensure a germ-free environment in every corner of your home.

Additional information

Weight 17.4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 26 × 14.25 in

3.3 gram Disinfectant & Cleaner – 50 Count Tub, 3.3 gram Disinfectant & Cleaner – Four (4) 50 Ct Tubs, 3.3 gram Disinfectant & Cleaner – 1 Case (48 Tubs – 50 Count)


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