Replacement UV Lamp for all models AXP-1200, AXP-1600


Requires 2x AXP-UV2

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These high output ultraviolet lamps for sterlization purposes are intendend for use with all of the models of AirX Pro purifiers including the AirX Pro 400 and 800. These UV lamps destroys bacteria for cleaner air. The single pack has the two ultraviolet bulbs required for the AXP-200, AXP-400 and AXP-800. Two packs of ultraviolet lamps, totalling up to the 4 required for the two larger models AXP-1200 and AXP-1600. Keep your staff safe in the workplace with AirX Pro, or be safe in your home with Air Purity. It is also beneficial to anyone who suffers from airborne allergies, hay fever, Asthma or other breathing difficulties. It's a portable system that is lightweight, easily moved, only 12cm slim, and can be wall-mounted or floor-standing. Easily controlled remotely through our app or IR remote control. AirX is the highest possible specification and components of any air purifier available in today's markets featuring a H13 medical spec HEPA – 6 layer cartridge filter system, UV-C lamps for sterilisation and huge negative ino generator producing over 24 million negative ions every second.
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